Honeymoon Villas in Kalkan

Luxury Honeymoon Villas in Kalkan, Antalya Rental Economic Villas, Antalya Rental Villas
Honeymoon Villas in Kalkan

Experience Peaceful Days with  Antalya Rental Villas

Luxury Honeymoon Villas in Kalkan, Rental Economic Villas in Antalya, Antalya Rental Economic Villas, Antalya Rental Villas

Antalya rental villas continue to be the favorite choice of holidaymakers throughout the year with their comfortable and luxurious facilities. Whether you want to enjoy the essence of a holiday in your villa without stretching your budget or live in the heights of luxury and comfort, finding the perfect home away from home couldn't be easier. We are here to help you focus on the holiday you've been eagerly awaiting all year. Antalya rental villas and Antalya rental cottages offer a more comfortable and better holiday experience with their location and features. Families, large groups of friends, and couples who want to spend quality time together prefer rental villa holidays. They offer a furnished environment with home comforts to make you feel at ease. The reliable and peaceful locations of Antalya rental villas offer holidaymakers a private swimming pool, secluded garden area, spacious rooms with a spacious atmosphere, and a personal kitchen area. With these facilities, you can have a relaxing and enjoyable holiday. The isolated Antalya rental villa options are also among the ideal holiday destinations preferred by honeymoon couples. You can visit Abitravel.net/rental-villas to explore the villa options of your choice and experience a holiday beyond your dreams.

What Are the Options for Antalya Rental Villas?

Our classic villas offer comfort in a home-like setting and provide all the amenities you need for privacy, freedom, and a fantastic holiday experience. You can prepare a feast on the barbecue or in your kitchen, have fun in your private pool, or simply relax on the dedicated loungers. The little things are already designed for you in your villa holiday, leaving you with quality time to spend with your friends and loved ones. For families who are sensitive about privacy, Antalya conservative villas are suitable among the rental villa options. These villas are designed with small touches to make your holiday special. Stunning views, ideal locations, beautiful gardens to wander... You can decide which style suits you best for your holiday. Antalya honeymoon villa options, dedicated to couples who want to be alone, are also among the rental villas. Antalya villas with pools offer facilities where large groups of friends, families, and couples can have fun. These delightful villas, equipped with all kinds of comforts and first-class amenities, provide a beautiful setting for a wonderful holiday. A large private swimming pool, soft towels and clean sheets, unique decor, and a comfortable living area can be considered essential for experiencing a luxurious life in a glamorous villa. What could be more magnificent?

What Should You Know About Renting Villas in Antalya?

If you want to have a villa holiday, you're in the right place! We have a wide selection of villas on our website Abitravel.net/rental-villas. From magnificent seaside havens to villas with nature views, we offer a variety of villas, apartments, and cottages for 2 to 20 people. We are constantly expanding the list of your favorite or yet-to-be-discovered destinations. So, explore our villas on our website and find the perfect holiday villa for your planned vacation. Before finding Antalya rental villas, it is important to know what kind of holiday you want. When searching for Antalya rental villas, pay attention to factors such as garden, balcony, barbecue, nature view, proximity to the sea, distance to beaches and bays.

What Are the Most Popular Areas for Villa Rental in Antalya?

Among the most popular villa holiday destinations in Antalya are Kas, Kalkan, Kemer, Patara, Alanya, Belek, and Serik. With their magnificent natural beauty, these regions offer unforgettable villa holiday memories. Antalya Kalkan villas allow you to enjoy the sun and the sea. Antalya Kas villas are the ideal holiday destination to experience the natural beauties of Kas.

What Are the Must-Visit Places in Antalya?

Antalya, the colorful tourism city of Turkey with its turquoise coast, golden beaches, stunning Roman architecture, and magnificent prehistoric ruins, attracts millions of domestic and foreign tourists every year.

• Hadrian's Gate

This three-arched marble gateway, built for Roman Emperor Hadrian, captivates with its rich decorations. The sculptural ornamentation takes you on a historical journey into the world of Hellenistic and Roman civilizations. This historical gate, which used to be the main entrance to Kaleici, draws the attention of both local and foreign tourists.

• Kaleici

Kaleici, a labyrinthine neighborhood, is the perfect place to breathe in the old but magnificent ambiance. Many tourist attractions in Antalya are located in Kaleici. Formerly a crowded place, it is now adorned with boutique hotels, intriguing art galleries, small souvenir shops, and exotic restaurants. The most beautiful historical sites to visit in Antalya are generally concentrated in Kaleici. You can visit places like Tekeli Mehmet Pasha Mosque, Hesapci Street, Kesik Minaret, and Kale Gate.

• Antalya Museum

Antalya Museum is among Turkey's important museums. It attracts the attention of both local and foreign tourists and showcases the best structures excavated from archaeological sites.

• Yivli Minaret

Yivli Minaret, one of the important historical structures in Antalya, is a cylindrical mosque that dates back to the 13th century and is still in use. This tourist attraction, built by Sultan Alaeddin Keykubad, is a masterpiece of Seljuk architecture. The space at the top of this octagonal-shaped fluted shaft offers splendid panoramic views of the city.

• Roman Fortress (Hıdırlık Tower)

This cylindrical historical tower, 14 meters high, serves a similar purpose today. However, this historical fortress allows you to witness the magnificent sunset of the city up close. This historical fortress, which attracts attention as one of the tourist spots in Antalya, is surrounded by picnic areas.

• Aspendos

Aspendos is one of the must-visit places in Antalya and is known as one of the best-preserved Roman archaeological sites in the world. This ancient city, built in the 2nd century, impresses with its historical remains. It is a perfect place to explore with your friends.

What Activities Can You Do in Antalya?

After finding your Antalya rental villa, you can move on to planning your holiday. Now you can find the best activities to do in Antalya.

• Duden Waterfalls

Duden Waterfalls are located at the end of a river that flows from the Taurus Mountains into a valley next to the Mediterranean, bearing the same name. The waterfalls consist of two cascades, and the upper part is approximately 15 meters high and 20 meters wide.

• Perge

Perge is one of the beautiful places to visit in Antalya. This place, bearing traces of Greek and Roman architecture, attracts visitors' attention. The beauty of this ancient city lies in the ruins of the stadium, the ruined temples, and the semi-collapsed passage. Despite being a qualified tourist area, it attracts fewer visitors due to being less well-preserved compared to other attractions. However, the tranquility and curiosity you will feel while exploring the ruins and temples make you happy.

• Karain Cave

Karain Caves emerge as a must-visit and significant place in Antalya. These caves are said to be more than 25,000 years old. Remains from the Lower and Middle Paleolithic periods, such as bones, teeth, and weapons, have been excavated from here. While some of the paths in the cave are narrow, it is worth everything to catch a glimpse of the grandeur of the ancient era.

• Olympos

Olympos and Cirali, sibling villages, hold a special place in the list of places to visit in Antalya. The coastal strip surrounding these villages is surrounded by the ruins of Olympos Ancient City. Olympos is famous for being a party haven, while Cirali is more ideal for a relaxed and rejuvenating holiday. This magnificent attraction offers a perfect blend of beaches and historical remnants.

• Damlataş Cave

It is one of the must-see places in Antalya. Damlataş Cave was primarily formed by stalactites and stalagmites about 15,000 years ago. Various colors of intriguing rock patterns protrude from every surface of these caves, offering holidaymakers an adventurous exploration trip.

• Land of Legends Theme Park

With a 5-star hotel, a massive water park, a luxury shopping avenue, and numerous amusement park rides, the Land of Legends is the ultimate destination for family entertainment. The theme park, which is open to both day visitors and guests of the Land of Legends hotel, stands as one of the largest theme parks in our country.

What are the Most Beautiful Beaches in Antalya?

Antalya, the beloved Mediterranean holiday destination, is home to many remarkable beaches.

• Lara Beach

Lara Beach is one of the best beaches in Antalya and a delightful place to spend your time. This beach is located approximately 20 km away from the city center and is commonly referred to as a golden sandy beach in Turkey. The reason for this is that it is entirely made up of fine sand. Interestingly, compared to other beaches in the city, the sea here appears much warmer. With numerous facilities in the surrounding area, this beach is visited by thousands of local and foreign tourists during the summer months. You can also enjoy camping in this beach and its surrounding areas, where accommodation options are available.

• Mermerli Beach

Mermerli Beach is among the best beaches in Antalya. Located near the historical sites of the city, Mermerli Beach is one of the best places to enjoy quality time with your family and savor the sea and sun. The beach is situated behind a cliff right next to the Kaleici Marina and is usually secluded. This feature makes it a perfect place to enjoy your time in tranquility.

• Kaputas Beach

With its turquoise waters and breathtaking scenery, Kaputas Beach is a paradise when it comes to enjoying the sea and sun. This beach has a beautiful coastline where you can witness some stunning views and also participate in water sports activities.

• Patara Beach

One of the best beaches in Antalya, Patara Beach is just a few hours away from the city center. It is an 18 km-long beach where the white sand will take your breath away. In fact, Patara Beach is considered one of the most beautiful beaches in the region. Interestingly, it also has a protected area for nesting Caretta-Caretta turtles.

What is the Nightlife Like in Antalya?

Antalya, known for its vibrant nightlife, is home to numerous entertainment venues.

• Sheffield Pub

Located in Antalya, Sheffield Pub is a suitable entertainment venue to relax and have a pleasant evening with your friends. It has a cozy atmosphere and offers a wide range of alcoholic beverages. You can try boutique beer options here.

• Up Shot Bar

Situated in one of Kaleici's historic buildings, Up Shot Bar is a popular electronic music venue with DJ performances on certain days of the week. It also offers signature cocktails popular among tourists.

• Black Raven Pub

Black Raven Pub stands as a popular venue in Antalya to enjoy great live music. The pub has a cozy atmosphere, making it a perfect place to party. It plays music of all genres, making it an ideal spot for any music enthusiast. Moreover, the lively music in this venue adds to the fun, and you can enjoy pleasant moments while singing along to the songs.

What are the Rental Villa Prices in Antalya?

The rental villa prices in Antalya can vary depending on the category they belong to. Rental villa prices cater to every budget and can vary based on aesthetic design, number of rooms, room size, fully equipped kitchen, garden, balcony, barbecue, jacuzzi, spa, Turkish bath, and pool, among many other different features.

What are the Average Nightly Prices in Antalya Rental Villas?

Antalya rental villa prices can vary depending on various factors. For example, the date of stay, duration of stay, number of people, and the features of the accommodation location can influence the prices.

What are the Average Villa Features for Antalya?

The general villa features in Antalya rental villas are as follows:
Spacious garden and terrace area: Villas typically have a garden terrace area, which is often used for sunbathing, relaxing, and barbecue gatherings.
Swimming pool: Villas usually have a shared and/or private pool, which is typically used for enjoyable moments throughout the day.
Spacious and luxurious rooms: Villas generally have spacious and luxurious rooms, including a living room, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, and WC.
Peaceful and quiet environment: Villas are usually located in a peaceful and quiet environment, allowing guests to have a relaxing vacation.
Heated or indoor swimming pools: Villas often have heated or indoor swimming pools, making them suitable for year-round use.
Note: Each villa may vary and have different features.

Which Villas in Antalya Have Large Pools?

Among the large pool villas available in Antalya on Abitravel.net/rental-villas, the following can be mentioned:
ABI5541: This villa is located in Antalya's Kalkan. It is surrounded by a spacious garden, a large private pool, and a children's playground.
ABI2936: This villa is located in Antalya's Kalkan. It can accommodate up to 10 guests. It is a villa equipped with a spacious garden, a large pool, and ample seating areas.

Which Villas in Antalya Are Located by the Sea?

Among the seafront villas in Antalya available on Abitravel.net/rental-villas, the following can be mentioned:
ABI5814: This villa is located in Antalya's Kalkan. It is surrounded by a spacious garden, a large private pool, and a children's playground.
ABI5203: This villa is located in Antalya's Kalkan. It can accommodate up to 10 guests. It is a villa equipped with a spacious garden, a large pool, and ample seating areas.

Which Villas in Antalya Accept Pets?

The acceptance of pets in villas in Antalya depends on the specific location and the policy of the accommodation place. However, generally, the following villas are known to accept pets:
ABI2172: This villa is located in Antalya's Kalkan. It has a spacious garden and a private pool where you can have a stay with your pet and family.
ABI9944: This villa is located in Antalya's Kemer. It is located near the sea and accepts pets. It can accommodate up to 8 guests.
Note: The pet policies of these villas may change over time, and the information provided above is a general example. Additionally, each villa may have its own rules and determine the accepted types of pets. It is recommended to inquire about the acceptance of your pet and the relevant rules before making a reservation.

What Payment Methods are Accepted in Antalya Rental Villas?

On Abitravel.net/rental-villas, there are two payment methods available for reservations:

  • Partial Payment (40% now, 60% at the door)
  • Full Payment (Payment of the total reservation amount)
  • Regardless of the payment method, you are required to make the payment within 24 hours either with your credit card through a secure payment infrastructure or by bank transfer.

Are Free Reservations Available in Antalya Rental Villas?

We do not request any payment until your reservation is confirmed by the host! If the dates you have chosen for check-in/check-out are approved by the host, a link will be sent to you for payment, and your reservation process will be successfully completed after the payment.

What Happens When I Cancel My Reservation in Antalya Rental Villas?

On Abitravel.net/rental-villas, guests have a 24-hour decision-making window. If you are not certain about your decision, you can thoroughly evaluate your choices during this time. If you have made a payment, the cancellation policy determined by the host and stated in the listing will come into effect. For detailed information, refer to the Cancellation Policy.

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