Kalkan Villa Rental, Kalkan Villa Rental Prices, Kas Rental Villa, Kas Rental Villa Opportunities, Kaş Villa Rental, Kaş Villa Rental Options
Kas Rental Villa

The Most Elegant and Luxurious Kaş Rental Villas at Abi Travel Rental Villa!

Kalkan Villa Rental, Kalkan Villa Rental Prices, Kas Rental Villa, Kas Rental Villa Opportunities, Kaş Villa Rental, Kaş Villa Rental Options

With Kaş rental villa options, you can surprise your family, friends, partner, spouse, and loved ones. You can spend your vacation in a comfortable summer house or a magnificent holiday villa. You can have a perfect villa holiday to relax and make the most of your vacation.

What Are the Kaş Rental Villa Options?

Would you prefer to take a long walk with a captivating sea view or have fun at a tavern in the city center? Would you like to surprise your partner with a romantic stay in a holiday villa? Or are you looking for an adventurous family vacation in a spacious villa? Regardless of where you want to spend your vacation and with whom, you can find the right accommodation at perfect prices with Tatildekirala. We offer you wonderful places for your vacation. You can have a great time in Kaş rental villas and create beautiful memories with your loved ones. During the summer season, you can enjoy diving into the crystal-clear waters in Kaş pool villas with pleasant and warm weather. Kaş conservative villas are an ideal option for families who value privacy. It is perfect for children to play, relax in secluded bays, take walks, or swim on the beach. Kaş honeymoon villas, with a romantic and glamorous atmosphere, offer you the comfort of home for special moments with your partner.

What Should You Know About Kaş Villa Rental?

You can browse through our wide range of holiday villa options on Tatildekirala for your vacation and have an unforgettable getaway. Whether it's just a few days or a long vacation, you can enjoy the summer, sun, and sea in your own villa holiday. What else do you need to completely relax in colorful flower fields, with the warming lights of the summer sun, and in a comfortable and affordable holiday villa? It is important to know what features you want, how many people you will be on vacation with, and who you will be spending your vacation with before choosing the Kaş villa rental places.

What Are the Most Popular Kaş Villa Rental Areas?

You can plan a perfect vacation surrounded by nature with Kalkan rental villas, which are the most popular and beloved holiday destination. If you are looking at Kaş rental villa options, you can choose the Gökseki region with stone houses and unique architectural designs suitable for Kaş's bohemian style. With Üzümlü villas, you can have a peaceful and tranquil villa holiday. In Sarıbelen village, you can experience the most enjoyable moments in a pastoral and natural holiday villa. In İslamlar, you can have a romantic holiday with your loved one away from the crowds of hotels in a private villa.

What Are the Places to Visit in Kaş?

If you are visiting Kaş, a charming coastal town in Turkey, and looking for the best things to do in Kaş, you have come to the right place. We have prepared a complete travel guide so that you can do the same after exploring this beautiful town and its surroundings.

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Kaş City Center
One of the best things to do in Kaş is to explore the city center. The cobblestone streets, colorful buildings adorned with flowers, and a promenade with a view make up the landscape of this charming town. Although it attracts many tourists during the summer months, it manages to maintain its traditional charm. You can take the time to stroll around Kaş, wander through narrow alleyways, explore the shops, have a drink at a corner café, or soak up the atmosphere of the main square and the seaside.

Kaş Hellenistic Theater
Antiphellos is a Greek-style theater built in the 1st century BC and restored three centuries later. It has a grand design, similar to many ancient Greek theaters, and could accommodate up to 4,000 spectators at its peak. This historical theater, which is a must-see attraction in Kaş, is located just a 10-minute walk from the main square.

Sleeping Giant
Kaş's winding mountain roads are ideal for an epic journey. They also surprise you with breathtaking coastal views. If you love challenging roads, you can take an hour-long hike to the Sleeping Giant. It offers a panoramic view that is worth the uphill climb. You will feel like you're on top of the world as you look down on the small town.

One of the most popular things to do in Kaş is to join a boat tour and explore the Kekova Sunken Ruins. It is an ancient Lycian city partially submerged under water, along with remnants and shipwrecks from the Archaic and Byzantine periods. In the same region, there is a large hilltop castle called Simena and a stunning turquoise bay.

What Activities Can You Do in Kaş Vacation?
There are many activities in Kaş where you can have a pleasant time.

Boat Tour
As in many coastal towns in Turkey, boat tours are also popular in Kaş as a great excursion opportunity. The marina area is full of tourist boats that depart for nearby islands every day. They follow similar routes that allow you to explore nearby bays and beaches throughout the day. Private boat tours with a captain are a great option for those who want to experience an intimate sailing experience and don't mind the higher cost. Most tourists prefer a small group boat tour. They visit nearby islands and coves, including Pigeon Island and Ufakdere Bay. On this tour, you can swim in refreshing waters, snorkel for a chance to see sea turtles, and enjoy the coastal scenery.

If you want to buy stylish local clothing, home decor items, artworks, or a few souvenirs, Kaş is a perfect place for shopping. You can purchase women's clothing, jewelry, and accessories in the shops here. You can spend time going in and out of the old town shops, buying anything that catches your eye. The streets are small and narrow, so you should explore them thoroughly to not miss the best outfits and souvenirs.

Kaş Harbor
Taking a stroll around the yacht harbor is one of the most enjoyable things to do in Kaş. Rows of tourist boats and yachts are ready to set sail into the seas. There is also a long promenade with bars, restaurants, and cafes where you can enjoy throughout the day. You can have a leisurely breakfast with a view, taste quality seafood for dinner, or sip your cocktail during sunset.

What Are Kaş's Beautiful Beaches?
Kaş, a tranquil holiday resort in Antalya, offers many beaches with crystal-clear and pristine waters.

• Leymona Beach Club
Leymona Beach Club attracts tourists with its bohemian concept, tranquil sea, and breathtaking sunset. You can leave your Kaş rental villa and come to this beach club for a relaxing, comfortable, and luxurious holiday experience.

• Derya Beach
Derya Beach, one of the oldest establishments in Kaş, welcomes its guests with the warmth and friendliness of a family-run business. You can discover the natural beauty of the region, swim in the sea like a bedsheet, and sunbathe at this venue.

• Çınarlar Beach
Located in Küçükçakıl Bay, this beach is quite popular. You can spend an unforgettable day at this beach, which is located in a spot where blue meets green and is often crowded during the summer season.

What Is theNightlife in Kaş?
Kaş offers many entertainment venues where you can have enjoyable and fun times.

• Echo Bar
Echo Bar is a bar located in the Harbor area. It is famous for its live music and popular for jazz concerts. It also has a stylish decor and serves top-notch cocktails.

• Hideaway Bar
Hideaway Bar is a great place to start your evening in Kaş. It offers a cool atmosphere and delicious cocktails to share with your friends.

• Cafe Barcelona
Located in Uzun Çarşı (Long Bazaar), Cafe Barcelona is a great place to enjoy good food and live music. Its warm atmosphere and friendly staff make it a popular spot among tourists. It stays open until late hours, making it an ideal place to meet other travelers.

What Are the Prices for Kas Rental Villas?
Before choosing your Kaş rental villa, you can check the prices using filters. The features of a holiday villa, such as a pool, garden, barbecue, balcony, jacuzzi, and spa, generally determine its price. Rental villas can vary depending on their location and category.

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