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Kalkan / KördereABI5541
WEEKLY PRICE£ 950 - £ 3.250
Located in Kördere, the option is a sea view villa with an accommodation capacity of six people.
icon6 Person
icon3 Bathroom
icon3 Bedroom
Kalkan / OrtaalanABI2936
WEEKLY PRICE£ 2.500 - £ 5.950
Located in Kömürlük with breathtaking panoramic sea views, the villa impresses with its landscaping and natural materials.
icon10 Person
icon5 Bathroom
icon5 Bedroom
Kalkan / KızıltaşABI5295
WEEKLY PRICE£ 248 - £ 1.114
Located right on the Kalkan ring road, the villa for rent offers four bedrooms and a capacity of eight people. There is a children's pool and a sea view.
icon8 Person
icon3 Bathroom
icon4 Bedroom
Kalkan / KızıltaşABI5203
WEEKLY PRICE£ 1.850 - £ 4.950
Located in an area close to Kalkan Center, the villa is very well equipped and modernly designed. It can accommodate up to 10 people.
icon10 Person
icon5 Bathroom
icon5 Bedroom
Kalkan / KışlaABI5814
WEEKLY PRICE£ 1.362 - £ 1.783
Sea view villa for 4 people is an option located in the Kisla area of ​​Kalkan.
icon4 Person
icon2 Bathroom
icon2 Bedroom
Kalkan / KördereABI2172
WEEKLY PRICE£ 347 - £ 2.946
The villa is located in the Kördere area of ​​Kalkan and offers an accommodation capacity of 14 people in 7 rooms.
icon14 Person
icon7 Bathroom
icon7 Bedroom
Kalkan / OrtaalanABI6246
WEEKLY PRICE£ 345 - £ 865
Located in Ortaalan, the holiday villa for rent with an accommodation capacity of 8 people is a very talented option.
icon8 Person
icon4 Bathroom
icon4 Bedroom
Kalkan / KızıltaşABI8603
WEEKLY PRICE£ 1.750 - £ 2.950
Located in Kızıltaş area, close to the center of Kalkan, the villa is an option with a magnificent sea view.
icon9 Person
icon4 Bathroom
icon4 Bedroom
Kalkan / KalamarABI9394
WEEKLY PRICE£ 1.000 - £ 2.250
Luxury villa with three bedrooms is an option with easy access to the center located in the Kalamar area.
icon6 Person
icon3 Bathroom
icon3 Bedroom
Kalkan / KördereABI6617
WEEKLY PRICE£ 495 - £ 1.733
Sea view villa for 10 people is an option located in Kördere, Kalkan. It has various equipment such as indoor pool, jacuzzi, children's pool, table tennis.
icon14 Person
icon5 Bathroom
icon7 Bedroom
Kalkan / ÜzümlüABI5217
WEEKLY PRICE£ 197 - £ 1.609
Located about 9 kilometers from the center of Kalkan, the villa is a very pleasant choice for those who desire a romantic holiday. It has soft architectural cuts and details as a structure.
icon2 Person
icon1 Bathroom
icon1 Bedroom
Kalkan / BezirganABI9727
WEEKLY PRICE£ 433 - £ 1.857
Featuring many features such as a basketball court, sauna, the 6-person villa is a luxury option about 12 kilometers from the center of Kalkan.
icon6 Person
icon3 Bathroom
icon3 Bedroom
Villa & Apart

Kalkan / Kas Rental Villa

Kalkan / Kas, one of Turkey's most important holiday destinations with its magnificent nature and rich history, offers enchanting accommodation options with its rental villa choices. Compared to many other holiday resorts, Kalkan / Kas has a wider selection of rental villas. You can create unforgettable moments with options such as villas with pools, sea views, luxury, conservative, economical, and honeymoon villas!

As Abi Travel Rental Villa, we offer a variety of options in different concepts with numerous Kalkan / Kas rental villa options that will make you feel free and comfortable throughout your vacation. You can experience the beauty of Kalkan / Kas to the fullest in private villas and enjoy the privilege of professional service!

What to Know About Kalkan / Kas

Located closest to the island of Meis, Kalkan / Kas generously offers a captivating lifestyle to its residents and visitors with its natural beauty and historical artifacts. In addition to the popular tourist activities in Kalkan / Kas, it is also a hub for activities such as mountaineering, rafting, and trekking. It continues to be an original and attractive center with numerous ancient cities within its borders. Kalkan / Kas is one of the rare and special places where mountains, sea, and forests coexist.
Fishing and tourism are the main sources of livelihood in the district. Fruit, vegetable, and flower production also contribute significantly to meet the country's needs in the plains and plateaus. In winter, production is carried out in greenhouses, and the products are marketed both domestically and internationally.

Why Choose Kalkan / Kas Villa Rentals?

For those who do not want to be bound by specific meal times and want to have fun in the pool within the premises with their family, Kalkan / Kas vacation rentals are generally the number one choice. With Kalkan / Kas vacation rentals, you can have a more relaxed and hassle-free vacation. Therefore, the various types of Kalkan / Kas villa rentals, which dazzle visitors with all their amenities and provide a unique aesthetic pleasure, are frequently preferred.
Kalkan / Kas villa rentals are also an important alternative for those who want to spend a peaceful and secluded vacation away from people. Moreover, they cater to every taste with options such as being close to the sea and the town center, surrounded by nature, having a children's pool and a jacuzzi. There are also holiday options with more personal space, such as villas with indoor pools, offered to visitors.

Kalkan / Kas Villa Rental Options

Antalya villa rental options are proportional to the number of people going on vacation and the various amenities provided by the villas. In this regard, visitors coming to Kalkan / Kas have an idea of what to expect in terms of accommodation and are well-informed about the region before they arrive. The duration of Kalkan / Kas villa rentals can be weekly, monthly, or even daily.
You can be sure that the rental process for these places you will visit in any chosen time frame is a reliable villa rental method. Payment can be easily made using the desired payment method and currency. The important thing is to come to Kalkan / Kas, which offers unforgettable holiday opportunities, and enjoy your time there.

Kalkan / Kas Villa Rental Prices

With Kalkan / Kas vacation rentals, which are one of the top choices for those who want to fully enjoy their time in Kalkan / Kas, you will have the opportunity for an exceptional vacation. With this vacation option, you can witness all the beauties of Kalkan / Kas up close. The pleasure that your vacation will bring you in this geography, which has a unique view with the combination of green and blue, will be quite high.
The most popular villa types among the vacation rental options are presented to you according to suitable opportunities. We can already say that you will be more than satisfied with these beautiful and quality accommodation options and will want to be a guest again in the future.

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Enjoy Your Holiday with Kalkan Rental Villa Options

Kalkan rental villas offer a perfect holiday experience for those seeking a more adventurous getaway. Families and groups of friends prefer villa holidays as a more cost-effective option than hotel accommodations, offering a wide range of activities for all ages and proximity to beaches and entertainment centers. From villas immersed in nature to luxurious villas with spacious pools, Kalkan offers a variety of villa options to suit your dream vacation. Tatildekirala provides holidaymakers with a range of holiday homes and villa options in different categories and types, ensuring a comfortable home-like experience away from the crowds of hotels. With Tatildekirala, you can easily find rental villas that meet your needs.

What Are the Options for Kalkan Rental Villas?

In Kalkan, one of the popular holiday resorts in Antalya, you can enjoy a delightful villa holiday with the comfort of home. Kalkan rental villas offer many advantages that cater to the expectations of holidaymakers with their sea view, garden, swimming pool, and nature-immersed features. Rental villas in Kalkan have the most romantic sea views in the country, making them perfect for your dream honeymoon. One and two-bedroom Kalkan villas with pools are spread over a large area. They are popular with their spacious gardens, jacuzzis, spas, and other entertainment areas. Additionally, Kalkan rental villas generally boast the most unique and exclusive views of the Mediterranean.

What Should You Know About Kalkan Villa Rental?

The holiday villa options, which are the best place for you and your family to stay on Kalkan's coastline, offer fully equipped kitchens, living areas, expansive living spaces with breathtaking views of the deep blue sea and pristine beaches. In Kalkan rental villas, you can use private swimming pools whenever you want and indulge yourself and your partner in jacuzzis or spas. Being away from the noise of the city, Kalkan, with its serene atmosphere and proximity to the city center and entertainment venues, is a perfect holiday destination for both business and leisure travelers. These lavish rental villas, located right by the sea, spread over a large area. Kalkan rental villa locations with first-class facilities, immense garden areas, and open-air pools offer exciting activities. Beautiful luxury villas located near Kalkan Beach make your vacation both relaxing and entertaining. These luxury concept villas have envy-worthy views of the sea. Those who want to have a villa holiday in Kalkan are amazed when they see the pools in these properties. Moreover, relaxing in spas is a great way to unwind and pamper yourself during your vacation.

What Are the Most Popular Areas for Kalkan Villa Rental?

Kalkan, one of Antalya's popular holiday resorts, offers a variety of comfortable villa options. Among the most popular villa holiday areas in Kalkan are Kördere, Akbel, Üzümlü, and İslamlar. You can have a fulfilling vacation in secluded sea and forest view, luxurious, comfortable villas in Kalkan villa rental areas.

What Are the Places to Visit in Kalkan?

Kalkan, where you can have a secluded holiday, is home to many tourist attractions.

• Patara

Patara, an ongoing archaeological excavation, is one of the most valuable ancient sites to visit. Don't forget the enormous theater, recently restored parliament building, and impressive Roman baths, along with the incredible 21 km-long Patara Beach.

• Xanthos Ancient City

Xanthos has a history dating back to the 4th century BC. It was the capital of ancient Lycia and was once the original home of the Nereid Monument, now housed in the British Museum. Letoon, located 4 kilometers away, is home to the temples of Leto and her children, Artemis and Apollo.

• Tlos Ancient City

Tlos, located around a sheltered hill at the foot of the Taurus Mountains, was one of the major cities of Lycia. Today, you can see the acropolis, castle, rock-cut tombs, and the remains of the Roman Stadium in the ancient city.

• Myra Ancient City

Myra, dating back to the Lycian period, features a large Roman Amphitheatre and Lycian Rock Tombs carved into the cliff face. You can also visit the St. Nicholas Basilica, which is a few kilometers away from the ancient city. Its captivating location on the top of the cedar forests adds another dimension to the Arycanda Lycian region, built and excavated on five terraces cascading down the mountainside. It is home to the largest bath complex in Lycia, as well as two necropolises, a stadium, and an amphitheater.

What Activities Can You Do During a Kalkan Holiday?
Kalkan offers a rich and ancient history, world-renowned hiking trails, excellent beach clubs, quality cuisine, and plenty of activities that will captivate you from sunrise to sunset.

• Boat Tours

Spending a day on an elegant boat is the best way to experience the beauty of the turquoise coastline. You can swim and crown your day with a delicious lunch on board. If you wish, you can join a sunset cruise and watch the glittering stars.

• Canoeing Tour

Located just a 15-minute drivefrom Kalkan, you can enjoy a canoe trip along the Esen River from Xanthos to the 12 km-long soft white sandy Patara Beach. You can also take a break for a therapeutic mud bath along the way.

• Kekova Ruins

You can visit the sunken ruins in Kekova for a family-friendly archaeological tour. A pleasant boat trip allows you to see the semi-submerged remains of houses, stairs, and the original harbor. Another place you will see on the way is the Ottoman Castle.

• Water Sports

You can engage in various water sports activities, from canoeing and kayaking to jet skiing, at the beautiful beaches of Kalkan, adding excitement to your vacation.

• Local Cuisine

You can enjoy breathtaking views of Kalkan harbor and bay from one of the famous rooftop restaurants. Watching the stars with your loved one while enjoying the view creates a special moment of romance. You can taste various delicacies from traditional Turkish cuisine and world cuisines at the numerous dining establishments found around every corner.

• Saklikent Gorge

Saklikent Gorge, with its 300-meter depth, is cut by an icy river in an 18 km-long canyon. To explore the beauties of this gorge, you should wear sturdy and waterproof shoes.

• Lycian Way

The famous Lycian Way, located among the places to visit in the vicinity of Kalkan, is filled with many hiking trails and camping areas. You can explore a rich history and culture at your own pace, from half-hour leisurely walks to challenging full-day hikes.

What Are the Most Beautiful Beaches in Kalkan?
Kalkan, with its crystal-clear and pristine sea, is home to many remarkable beaches.

• Kaputas Beach

Located on the magnificent coastal road between Kalkan and Kalkan / Kas, Kaputas Beach has a mesmerizing beauty. Its stunning turquoise waters and pebbles and sands leave visitors in awe. This beach, accessible by up to 180 steps, is particularly worth visiting for a morning swim.

• Kalkan Beach

Kalkan's own beach consists of bright white pebbles embraced by remarkably clear water, ideal for snorkeling. This beach, which has Blue Flag status, is a great choice due to its convenient facilities such as restaurants and changing rooms and its proximity to Kalkan harbor.

• Patara Beach

Chosen as one of the world's best beaches by The Times, the charming Patara Beach is Turkey's longest beach with its 12 km coastline. It is also the nesting area for endangered loggerhead sea turtles and is located within a short walking distance of the region's ancient ruins. You can try one of Kalkan's beach clubs for easy access to facilities. These beach clubs offer umbrellas and sun loungers, changing and toilet facilities, as well as cafes and restaurants.

What Is the Nightlife Like in Kalkan?
Kalkan offers many entertainment venues where you can have a quality time.

• The Fountain

The Fountain is Kalkan's newest and only rooftop bar, offering great fun. With its amazing view, pleasant atmosphere, quality service, and fantastic cocktails, this place is truly special. Among their favorite cocktails are Satsuma Cooler and Berry Go Round.

• Mini Bar

This venue generally has a lively and friendly atmosphere with a relaxed vibe. It is famous for its delicious sweets and cakes and stands out with its modern architecture.

• Shade Lounge

Shade Lounge is a very cozy and relaxed bar. It is run by a team consisting of Haşim, Charlotte, and lovely children. Their cocktails are exceptionally tasty, and their espresso martinis have delightful flavors.

• Jack's Bar

Jacks Bar is located in a lively backstreet at the top of Kalkan. With its street-level seating arrangement, you will feel like you are right in the middle of the crowd. It offers great music, drinks, flavored shishas, as well as delicious food and cocktails, providing friendly service and a great time.

What Are the Prices for Kalkan Rental Villas?
The prices of Kalkan rental villas vary depending on the location, features, structure, and architecture of the villas. The prices can decrease or increase based on the features of the villas, such as pool, barbecue, balcony, garden, spa, and jacuzzi.






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