Cancellation Policy

Reservation Cancellation Conditions and Right of Withdrawal

            The customer has to notify the cancellation request regarding the requested service in writing via e-mail or postal mail.

If the cancellation request is notified within 24 hours from the realization of the reservation, the customer will receive the 30% prepayment paid after the deductions arising from the refund are made. (For example; card deductions, money order and eft charges etc.)

If the cancellation request is notified 30 days or more before the service will be received, the 30% prepayment received from the customer will not be refunded. If the prepayment amount made by the customer is less than 30%, it will be completed to 30%.

If the cancellation request is made at most 29 days and at least 15 days before the reservation date, 50% of the reservation price will be officially requested from the customer.

If a cancellation request is made in 14 days or less, the entire reservation price will be requested from the customer.

These contract conditions create an obligation to pay regardless of whether the customer receives the service or not, and if the customer does not want to pay, Abitravel will apply to obtain the payment from the customer through legal means. (Including attorney, file, interest, etc. costs and expenses.)

In case of force majeure (e.g. war, natural disaster, infectious disease, coup, decisions taken by the government to prevent service procurement, first degree death, etc.), the contract will be suspended and postponed to a later date. The prepayment received will be deducted from the amount on the date of the new reservation. If If the effects of the force majeure will not change, the payment made to the customer within the specified due date will be returned.

Accommodation, goods transport, car rental, food and beverage supply, which must be made on a certain date or period, in accordance with subparagraph (g) of Article 15 of the Regulation on Distance Contracts, which was prepared on the basis of Articles 48 and 84 of the Law on the Protection of Consumers No. 6502. The consumer cannot exercise his right of withdrawal in contracts related to the use of leisure time for entertainment or recreation.

This contract will be read and approved by the customer electronically as the last stage of the reservation. In order for the reservation to take place, the customer must be approved electronically. The customer is deemed to have read and understood the terms and conditions in the contract of the approved reservation and accepted it unconditionally.

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