Kalkan Villa Rental Prices

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Kalkan Villa Rental Prices

Antalya Kaş Villa

One of Turkey's most popular tourist destinations, Kaş, is among Antalya's most charming holiday resorts where you can experience a unique vacation with its options of rental villas. Kaş, renowned as a favorite holiday destination for both local and foreign tourists, has gained fame beyond the borders of our country. With Kaş villa rentals, you can witness the magnificent natural atmosphere, embracing all shades of green and blue. Kaş's famous diving spots also invite diving enthusiasts from all around the world to explore its underwater wonders. The pristine, blue-flagged beaches of Kaş offer an impeccable holiday experience for summer vacations. With its clean air, captivating nature, blue-flagged beaches, and historical richness, Kaş is a dreamy vacation spot where you can choose from rental villas with sea or forest views to create unforgettable memories with your family or loved ones.

For Kas villa holidays, Çukurbağ Peninsula is particularly favored, offering a tranquil and serene vacation opportunity. During your Kaş villa holiday, you can explore Uzun Çarşı (Long Bazaar) and select gifts for your loved ones or engage in pleasant conversations while sipping cold beverages at seaside venues.

Recently, Kaş villa rentals have become more preferred compared to apartments or hotels. The reason behind the increasing popularity of Kaş villa rentals lies in the creation of a private space entirely dedicated to you. With Kaş villa rentals, you can enjoy quality time with your friends or family in your private pool.

Staying in Kaş rental villas allows you to have a comfortable and secluded vacation experience. As one of Turkey's most beautiful holiday destinations, Kaş villa rentals offer a serene holiday opportunity. You can open the doors to your dream vacation in Kaş, the holiday paradise of Antalya, which hosts a large number of tourists in the Mediterranean, with its rental villa options.
In the Kaş region, villa options are predominantly concentrated in the Kalkan district. With Antalya Kaş villa holidays, you can find the villa that suits your budget and preferences.

A Relaxing Vacation in Conservative Villas

With Kaş conservative villa options, holidaymakers who seek a conservative vacation can experience a special holiday in one of Turkey's most beautiful holiday destinations. The Kaş conservative villas boast a private architecture with secluded gardens and pools, ensuring a peaceful and comfortable vacation experience away from prying eyes.

Kalkan Villa Rental Prices

Kalkan Rental Villa, Kalkan Villa Rental, Kalkan Villa Rental Prices, Luxury Villas in Kalkan, Rental Villas Kalkan, Rental Villas in Kalkan, Kalkan Villa Rental Options

Kaş offers various types and features of rental villas, making it one of the most sought-after destinations for villa holidays in Turkey. The wide range of rental villas provides everyone with an opportunity for a holiday at different price points. You can make a reservation with advantageous prices and attractive payment conditions, creating unforgettable memories during your vacation.

Rental Villas with Private Pools in Kas

With Kaş villa rental options, you can also experience a dream-like vacation in villas with private swimming pools. In the comfortable Kaş rental villas, positioned against stunning views, you can enjoy the pool at any time of the day while admiring the beautiful landscape. The Kaş rental villas offer locations where you can relish the view even while swimming in the pool. Apart from Kaş, you can also explore Antalya Villa Rental and Kalkan Villa Rental options to plan your vacation.

An Exquisite Honeymoon Destination Rental Villas

With Kas villa rental options, you can have a dream-like honeymoon vacation. You can experience a romantic and peaceful honeymoon with honeymoon villas in Kaş, offering palace-like comforts. You can enjoy your well-deserved honeymoon to the fullest with the honeymoon villas available in Kaş.
During your Kaş villa holiday, you can explore the region and make the most of your time. With Kaş villa holidays, you have the freedom to participate in boat tours and swim in the turquoise waters, enjoying the unique beauty of the coves. Kaş villa holidays offer you a vacation of freedom.

A Delightful Family Vacation

Villas with children's pools in Kaş also offer a delightful family vacation opportunity. With children's pools in Kaş villas, both you and your children can enjoy an endless holiday experience. The Kaş villa holiday ensures that your children won't miss out on the joy of swimming. Designed with all safety precautions in mind, the Kaş villas with children's pools provide a secure vacation experience for you and your family.

A Privileged Vacation in Luxury Villas for Rental

For those looking to experience a privileged vacation, Antalya Kaş villa options offer the most comfortable accommodations. The luxury villas in Kaş are known for their refinement and comfort, promising an exclusive vacation experience. With breathtaking views, private swimming pools, jacuzzis, comfortable furnishings, and impressive architecture, the luxury Kaş villas await to offer you an exceptional holiday.

Online and Reliable Booking System

You can use our online booking system for Kaş villa reservations, ensuring a quick and secure reservation process. Our expert holiday consultants are here to assist you in finding the most suitable Kaş rental villa, and you can complete your reservation with confidence.


Places to Visit During Your Kas Vacation

During your Antalya Kaş villa vacation, you can discover a new place every day. There are numerous historical sites and natural beauties that you can visit either through guided tours or on your own. For the perfect vacation, exploring the region is highly recommended. There are many more places to visit during your Antalya Kaş villa vacation. We have kept the list somewhat limited.

Xanthos Ancient City:

Kaş has a rich history dating back to ancient times, and one of the preserved historical sites is Xanthos Ancient City. Serving as the capital of the Lycian Union, Kaş was one of the most important administrative centers during ancient times. The Xanthos Ancient City, dating back to the ancient times and recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is a must-see destination.

Aperlai Ancient City:

Aperlai Ancient City can only be reached by boat and is partially submerged. You will witness a magnificent underwater beauty with crystal-clear waters, akin to an aquarium, during your boat journey in Kaş. You can visit the Aperlai Ancient City, which is a part of the hidden beauty of Kaş.

Antiphellos Ancient City:

With an impressive view and ancient theater, Antiphellos Ancient City's history dates back to the 4th century BC. With its rock tombs and Lycian sarcophagus, Antiphellos Ancient City is another attraction you can add to your list of places to visit in Kaş.

Saklıkent Canyon:

Saklıkent Canyon, one of the most important natural wonders of Kaş, is located on the border of Muğla and Antalya. As Turkey's second-longest canyon, stretching 14 km, Saklıkent Canyon offers a breathtaking experience for visitors. Although it is closer to Fethiye, Kaş vacationers should not miss visiting Saklıkent Canyon.

Patara Beach and Ancient City:

Patara Beach, the second longest beach in Turkey, stretches for a full 12 km. The beach is also a nesting ground for caretta caretta sea turtles, and its sands are believed to have healing properties. Near the beach, Patara Ancient City has a history dating back to the 5th century BC. As one of the most significant cities of the Roman Empire and the Lycian Union, Patara Ancient City is another place you can visit in Kas.

Meis Island:

During your Kaş vacation, you can also visit Meis Island, the closest Greek island to Turkey's mainland. You can explore Meis Island during your Kaş holiday.

Blue Cave:

Located near Kaputaş Beach, the Blue Cave is a 50-meter-long cave accessible only by boat. It is a natural wonder submerged in the sea, and it is a popular spot for diving enthusiasts as well.
Your Kaş villa vacation offers an opportunity to explore these and many other places. We have only touched the surface of the numerous places waiting to be discovered during your Antalya Kaş villa holiday.

Kaş: A Haven for Nature and Adventure Lovers

Besides its historical sites, Kaş also offers various outdoor activities for nature and adventure enthusiasts. You can engage in activities such as hiking, trekking, and canyoning in the picturesque surroundings. Moreover, Kaş is a hub for scuba diving enthusiasts, with its crystal-clear waters and underwater wonders waiting to be explored. The diverse marine life and underwater caves make it a paradise for diving.

An Unforgettable Gourmet Experience in Kaş

Your Kaş villa holiday also presents an opportunity to indulge in a delightful gourmet experience. The region offers a rich variety of traditional Turkish cuisine and Mediterranean flavors. You can taste fresh seafood, traditional mezes, and delectable local dishes in the cozy restaurants and cafes scattered throughout Kaş.

Relax and Unwind in Kaş

One of the best aspects of a Kaş villa vacation is the opportunity to relax and unwind in the midst of nature's beauty. You can wake up to breathtaking views, enjoy leisurely walks by the sea, and spend lazy afternoons lounging by your private pool. The serene atmosphere and tranquility of Kaş will rejuvenate your mind and body, providing you with an unforgettable vacation experience.
In Conclusion
With its stunning landscapes, historical riches, and vibrant cultural scene, Kaş is a destination that caters to various preferences and interests. Whether you seek a relaxing family vacation, a romantic honeymoon, or an adventurous exploration of nature and history, Kaş has something special to offer. Kaş villa rentals provide you with the freedom and privacy to enjoy this beautiful destination to the fullest. Start planning your dream vacation in Kaş, and let the enchanting beauty of this coastal paradise leave you with lasting memories.

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