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Meis or Kastellorizo ​​is a very pleasant day trip from Kalkan. This small Greek island with a population of several hundred stands opposite the port of Kas and although the port city on the land side is hardly visible during the day. But at night, the lights of the houses, shops and restaurants shimmer like moonlight. Kastellorizo's interesting history was ruled by Rhodes, Egyptian, Venetian Doges and Ottoman Turks. The history of the 20th century becomes much more complicated with the small island passing through the hands of the French, Italians and British. Events leading up to World War II almost completely wiped out the island and its population, and anyone's presence here is testament to the struggle to keep the island communities alive. While most people come here by boat, ferries from Rhodes and more recently directly from Athens and a number of private yachts dock at a port for the night. You wouldn't believe it, but the island is served by Olympic airlines from the Greek mainland with the small airport built on the island's central plateau in 1980. The airline shuttle bus is almost all of the motor vehicle on the island. Generally everything is done on foot. The island has a hotel and a couple of Hostels, but if you're arriving from Turkey overnight, it may not be an option depending on current regulations, which are subject to change. Here you can see classical Greek architecture, shops, narrow streets and restaurants along the harbor.


 Departure from Kalkan 08:30 in the morning from Kalkan to Kas and Departure from Kas 10:15

Return from Meis 15:30 Operation from Kaş to Kalkana 17:30

NOTE: Red Passport holders can visit.

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