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History of Kalkan

There are no city ruins or settlements belonging to this period in our town, which is located on the lands between Antalya and Fethiye, where the Lycian Civilization lived about 3000 years ago and where numerous cities were established. It is believed that Kalkan was founded 150-200 years ago by traders from the Greek island of Meis, which is nearby. Since it has been a reliable port throughout history, it has maintained its importance as a port where agricultural and forest products coming from Elmalı-Gömbe-Bezirgan regions are marketed and loaded. The goods arriving at the port were transported to the interior (Elamli, Xanthos) by camels.

During the population exchange period of 1923, Kalkan, whose population decreased with the departure of the native people of that day from Kalkan, was revived with new residents from the surrounding villages and after the 1970s, with the opening of the Antalya highway, maritime trade weakened and almost came to the point of extinction.

With the development of tourism and foreign nationals coming to visit our town and some of them living here, different sub-sectors and business lines have emerged and dependence on the surrounding settlements has decreased.

Our town is an old Greek fishing village known as Kalamaki until the 1920s.

The church of the village, which remained from that time, is used as a mosque today.

At the beginning of the 20th century, Kalkan began to grow in size. According to a report in 1915, there were 17 restaurants, 1 locksmith, and tailor shops in the city at that time. The school was built in 1937, with the first local election in 1928. After the First World War, during the Turkish War of Independence, the Greeks living in Kalkan immigrated to Greece in 1921, around the exchange agreement made with Greece for the Turkish and Greek peoples. Despite all the changes, traditional life continues all around. The people of the region spend the summer months in the mountain village called Bezirgan in the beautiful valley and go down to Kalkan by the sea in the winter.

It is also said that the famous historian Herodotus, who lived about 2300 years ago, spoke of Kalkan as "the closest place to the stars in the world".

Location of Kalkan

Located in the southwestern corner of Turkey, Kalkan is a growing holiday city.

It is within the borders of the province of ANTALYA, the most important tourism city of Turkey, and very close to FETHIYE, another tourism center. KALKAN, famous for its slopes, has a unique view from every place due to its location on steep slopes around a small Yacht Marina. .

The city is divided into three main areas; The settlement, where historical houses with narrow streets consisting of old houses under protection, are currently used mainly as a bazaar. The new settlements formed by the villas built towards the rising slopes are generally built towards the slope for the perfect view. The western part of the city, called Kalamar, is the part of beautiful hotels and villas with blue flag coves. The Barracks, which is opposite the center of Kalkan with a magnificent panoramic and sunset view, is developing day by day.

The administrative area of ​​Kalkan is 5.5 km². This area, together with the adjacent area, is 13.5 km².

Climate of Kalkan

Kalkan has a typical Mediterranean climate with hot and dry summers and abundant rain and mild winters. Sea water temperature rarely drops below 16°C. That's why the swimming season for swimmers and diving lasts for 9 months. The average temperature is 35-40°C in summer and 14-16°C in winter.

Our town, which has an average of 300 days of sunshine a year, is a place preferred by foreigners for a healthy life with its climate.

Population of Kalkan

According to 2021 data, the resident population of Kalkan is 3,748. It increases up to 30,000 people with the guests coming in the summer season. This population density maintains its level throughout the summer as foreign, local guests and residents rent out their holiday homes.

Kalkan is a town where people from all parts of Turkey, as well as mostly British and recently Russian citizens, live together. While some of our foreign citizens come from time to time, others consist of those who prefer Turkey to spend the rest of their lives.

Tourism in Kalkan

Kalkan Bay and the surrounding bays have the cleanliness and beauty that have been awarded the blue flag many times. It is preferred by those who want to spend a quiet holiday away from the noise and seek a different atmosphere with its marina where yachts can stay and meet all their needs, fish restaurants around the marina, stalls selling trinkets and handicrafts, shops, hostels and hotels.

A magnificent sea and sunset view accompanies you while you dine in the town, which is also called terrace paradise with its restaurants built on the terrace. You can enjoy the Mediterranean with the tones of turquoise and blue with the boat tours specially made for you.

Kalkan is Turkey's leading Villa Tourism region. Magnificent villas belonging to local and foreigners are rented out to their tenants on a weekly basis, after their owners, during the summer months. You can spend your holiday in the best and most economical way in private villas with magnificent views.

The bazaar, which has narrow streets decorated with bougainvillea, is surrounded by the historical buildings of Kalkan. You can find all kinds of goods and handicrafts for shopping in the bazaar. You can shop economically from the big markets in the town or the city markets set up on Thursdays.

Sports in Kalkan

Kalkan has a unique underwater view with sea teas found in rare regions of the world. The most important sporting activity in the region is diving, performed by professional trainers. Due to the climatic characteristics of the region, you can dive to special areas and historical shipwrecks in Kalkan Bay for 9 months of the year. The shipwreck of the Sakarya Ship (St Duchess Of York) in the bay and the 2 Byzantine-era wrecks unearthed in the summer of 2011 are the most popular areas for diving athletes. Geographically, Kalkan, which continues to grow on the slopes of the hills rising around it, has a bowl structure because it is surrounded by mountains on three sides. It is very suitable for paragliding as the wind creates thermic in this bowl. Jumping from the platform at a height of 1,050 meters takes between 15 minutes and 25 minutes depending on the weather conditions.

Rafting and canoeing sports are also carried out in Eşen Stream, which is half an hour away from Kalkan. Apart from that, the water source is jetski, ringo etc. All kinds of water sports are done by professional companies.

Architecture of Kalkan

The architecture of Kalkan, which is similar to the architectural structure of the island of Meis, which is the closest Greek island to the Anatolian lands, shows the features of the ancient Greek architecture of this region. When you take a walk in Kalkan, you will see this architectural structure up close. This structure is unique to Kalkan and is very well preserved.
The building, which is an old orthodox church in the center of Kalkan, currently serves as a mosque. The houses of Old Kalkan meander through narrow streets, beautifully descending into the harbor. The houses are usually surrounded by bougainvillea flowers. Stone buildings, small wooden windows, wooden balconies are typical structures. The houses feature a washable white wall, wooden contrasting colors, a small courtyard and garden.
Narrow streets and nesting houses are typical Kalkan images. In order to protect from the extreme heat of the summer, the houses were built for the purpose of cooling. It has been developed to create balconies, terraces, courtyards and cool areas.
Small wooden white windows are tightly closed to protect them from the hot sunlight. Kalkan has a structure that will please local and foreign travelers with its architecture worth seeing. Old Kalkan houses are built as 2 floors on non-slope conditions. The lower floor is used as a shop, while the upper floor is used as a residence.


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